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Infrared Cameras Kenosha WI

This page provides relevant content and local businesses that can help with your search for information on Infrared Cameras. You will find informative articles about Infrared Cameras, including "Infrared Cameras, Illuminator: Night Vision Camera Surveillance". Below you will also find local businesses that may provide the products or services you are looking for. Please scroll down to find the local resources in Kenosha, WI that can help answer your questions about Infrared Cameras.

ADT® Home Security
(888) 542-4123
6920 Green Bay Rd
Kenosha, WI
Get a Security System for Just $99! Protect Your Home and Call ADT® Home Security Today.
Phone Hours
MON - FRI 9:00AM - 11:00PM; SAT 9:00AM - 6:00PM; SUN CLOSED

Schmitt Protective Svc
(262) 652-6831
706 55th St
Kenosha, WI
Kenosha Private Police
(262) 652-5001
6321 23rd Ave
Kenosha, WI
Alarm Detection Systems Inc
(262) 658-4499
6321 23rd Avenue
Kenosha, WI
Comfort Security
(262) 697-4419
329 102nd St
Pleasant Prairie, WI
ADT® Home Security
(888) 542-4123
2101 Lewis Ave
Zion, IL
Get a Security System for Just $99! Protect Your Home and Call ADT® Home Security Today.
Phone Hours
MON - FRI 9:00AM - 11:00PM; SAT 9:00AM - 6:00PM; SUN CLOSED

M & H Fire Safety Inc
(262) 564-0104
2814 Roosevelt Rd
Kenosha, WI
Hillside True Value Hardware
(262) 652-1165
4614 52nd St
Kenosha, WI
Apex Alarm Systems
(262) 925-8444
6321 23rd Avenue
Kenosha, WI
Per Mar Security Svc
(262) 554-6816
3701 Durand Ave # 327
Racine, WI

Infrared Cameras, Illuminator: Night Vision Camera Surveillance

It is important to remember that all colors of light visible to human eyes falls within a small area of the electromagnetic spectrum. Active infrared (IR) light, for camera surveillance purposes, is light that lies in the wavelength region of 700nm to 1000nm that the human eye cannot see. Radio waves, microwaves and x-rays are all part of the same spectrum with the only difference being wavelength. The problem is that humans cannot see the majority of these wavelengths.

IR-sensitive cameras see what human eyes cannot. Special CCD technology allows sensitivity to light in the infrared wavelengths. What is a completely dark scene to human eyes is perfectly illuminated image to an IR-sensitive camera if there is sufficient IR light on the scene...

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Opinion Corner
People in Wisconsin shared their opinions about Home Security and Safety
How important is public safety and overall crime rate in selecting where you are going to live?
Not at all important: 0%
Not very important: 7%
Neutral: 17%
Somewhat important: 25%
Very important: 50%
Do you have a security system in your home/apartment?
Yes: 21%
No: 78%
How frequently do you 'arm' your security system?
Every night: 33%
Whenever I leave the house: 16%
Every night and whenever I leave the house: 50%
Only when I'll be gone for a long period of time: 0%
Almost never: 0%
Other: 0%
Since installation, has your home security system actively kept you safer?
Yes, more than once: 33%
Only once: 0%
Thankfully, never had to: 50%
Not sure: 16%
How important is having a home security system to your 'peace of mind'?
Not at all important: 16%
Not very important: 0%
Neutral: 16%
Somewhat important: 33%
Somewhat important: 33%
Very important: 33%
Did you personally pay for any part of your home security system?
Yes: 66%
No: 33%
Source: Survey.com

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